Who We Are

Momentum Fitness is a collection of physical therapists, athletic trainers, and fitness professionals that believe in a higher level of individualized exercise prescription and functional fitness. Our team brings a diverse educational background with a long history of rehabilitation, restoration of functional, and sports performance programs to the foundation of momentum fitness. As physical therapists, we use our clinical knowledge of the musculoskeletal and neural motor systems to provide comprehensive functional training programs and establish individualized progression based on successful performance of goals. With solid foundations in science and medical complexities, our team can provide safe and progressive strength and fitness programs for all ages and most medical conditions. The staff at Momentum Fitness and Orthopedic and Sports PT of Cape Cod regularly work with local physicians, rehabilitation centers, and coaches to best coordinate our clients care and program progressions.

Our team of professionals will focus on improving your flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and finally your body composition. We will strive to create lean muscle tissue, which in turn will create a “new” body that burns even more calories and FAT!

Our Mission:

Momentum Fitness is committed to creating the premier site on Cape Cod for providing the highest level a dynamic functional training with cutting edge. We strive to develop strong bodies, better balance and consistent results through education and movement in a medical oriented training environment.


Momentum Fitness was created on the concept of the medically oriented gym, and the belief in the continued relationships between clients and their physical therapists for a higher level of functional fitness and training. All of our clients are screened by a physical therapist to assess their current functional movement patterns and muscle imbalance, and then with a better understanding of clients' medical complexities, can create an individualized functional exercise and fitness program. Clients are continually monitored by our trainers and the physical therapists from the initial program development phases throughout functional sessions to evaluate their progressions. Our staff specializes in quality of motion, and a higher expectation of safety while performing dynamic functional training patterns that directly transfer to success in life and sport.

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